in my life i have done some weaving, quilting, beading and jewelry making.  for the past 7 years i have been felting, primarily nuno felting clothing and the occasional needle felted critter. i enjoy making rugs, a labor intensive, muscle building process.  when i am in my studio, nothing else exists but me and the wool.  i am focused and lose all track of time.  a running joke in my family is that whenever i go to my studio and say i'll be back in 5 minutes, they know not to plan on seeing me for at least an hour.  for me, felting is mesmerizing.

i have been fortunate to have received instruction early in my learning curve from Chris White of Magpie Designs and owner of New England Felting Supply.  she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a kind and patient teacher.  from Chris i learned about the science of wool, how each type of wool felts differently, and has it’s own story to tell.  during a lab class with Chris, in each class we were given a sample of unnamed fleece.  we felted the sample.  we then shared samples and records and put them in a 3 ring binder for reference. that process remains the foundation of my knowledge.  every new piece i felt adds to that core knowledge. even after seven years, i learn something from each piece of felt.