my soul is touched by anything with color and texture. as if hypnotized, i find myself drawn to look more closely and to touch all sorts of things yarn, fleece, fabric, and things in nature such as moss or lichen. i am drawn to things that shimmer and shine.

i primarily nuno felt, which is the process of encouraging the wool through a fabric, most often silk.  this process results in a drapable fabric which allows me to make all types of clothing - from jackets, to dresses, to shawls. i also enjoy needle felting which enables me to add detail or to make solid wool objects such as birds and other animals. the process of felting is akin to therapy; bringing me face to face with myself. felting is also forgiving; if what i am working on doesn't turn out as planned, it can generally be transformed into something else, a form of recycling.

i never seem to tire of felting for there is mystery in the final results; i never really know how my piece will turn out, for wool has a mind of its own that must be respected.

i love felting because i find the learning process to be captivating, mesmerizing and meditative, all at the same time.